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The Next Generation Robot That Exist in 2020 {* Future AI Robot Technology *}

Robot is the human made humanoied machine whose working like human being .it can walk .It can speak and understand input .here you will see the present of robotic and and it is happen by  magic of AI (Artificial intelligence ).It is an filed in which we try to make a computer as human begin .It will eligible to think ,eligible to listen question and giving answer and it can learn himself by doing mistake or by any other method as human being learn .

What is robotics

Robotics is a branch of engineering that involve conception ,design and operation of robots .The field made by overlap electronics ,computer science ,artificial intelligence , nanotechnology ,machatrinics and biotechnology .The team robotics will come in 1940 by asimov . Asimov will suggest three laws and behaviors of robots and smart machine .

  1. robot must never harm human being .
  2. robot must follow all the instruction of human being without violation of rule first .
  3. robot must protect himself without violation of rules .



What is AI

AI means Artificial intelligence it means you will make an system of possible as like human being .Its eligible to learn always new through it self or through other methods .In this field team of intelligence try to make an algorithm due to which robot will eligible to think  and learn through doing mistakes .Due to this field team intelligence try to make human made neuron system or robot or smart machine .


Future of robotics

In future every work is done by robots and burden of work on human being will decrease .robot will spread in every field .In future robot will decide which country is more powerful and advance to other .Robot will decide the power of any nation and may be economy will also effected by robots .Some astrologist predict that the third world war will fight between  robots and human being totally depend on robots .

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