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Exit Polls Of 5 States: UP,Uttarakhand,Goa,Punjab,Manipur at One Place

                            Exit Polls Of 5 States: UP,Uttarakhand,Goa,Punjab,Manipur at One Place


                                   Total number of seats in Manipur is 60. A party needs 31 seats to make government without any alliance.

                         Manipur is a state of north-east ruled by Congress Party for 15 years, but it seem to an end for congress in Manipur. Because, exit polls forecast that the BJP is going to be the leading party in Manipur. BJP is likely to win maximum number of seats out of 60 seats of strong Manipur Legislative Assembly elections.
              According to CVoter exit poll, BJP is going to win 25-31 seats out of 60 while Congress will get only 17-23 seats. If the projections proves to be accurate then it will be a huge setback for congress because in 2012 assembly election Congress won total of 42 seats out of 60.

                 All the exit poll results are same approximately same for Manipur Assembly.


                                                Total need of number of seats is 36 to make government in Uttarakhand without any other party support.

                                    There is neck to neck fight between BJP and congress in Uttarakhand. Each party is supposed to get 32 seats. The difference in vote shares between these two contenders in Uttarakhand will be just 0.1% , according to CVoter.

According to India Today, News24 and NDTV survey BJP may even get 45-53 seats while Congress will be able to manage only 15-20 seats.

3. GOA :-  

                  Total seats of Goa assembly is 40. 21 seats needed to make government in Goa without alliance.

                          According to exit polls, BJP is the leading party in Goa also. BJP is expected to win 15 seats in Goa with an ease. Congress will be able to manage 8-10 seats only, while AAP will get 7 seats in its debut election in Goa and 8 seats will go to others account. 
Other exist poll gencies also predicting the same result for Goa Assembly.

2. Punjab :-

                      A party needs minimum of 60 seats to make government without any alliance.


                                Punjab is going to be crucial for AAP and Congress. There will be fight between AAP and Congress. According to exit polls, AAP is going to be the largest party in Pujab. According to CVoter, AAP may get 63 seats out of 117. BJP-SAD alliance will get only 5-8 seats while Congress is expected to get 45 seats and others may get 1-2 seats in their account to count. This is the only state where BJP is not the leading party according to exit polls.

                 According to Aaj Tak-Cicero survey result Congress may get 62-71 seats and AAP will get 42-51 seats while BJP-SAD alliance manage to get only 4-7 seats.


                                      A party needs total 203 seats to make its government  in Uttar-Pradesh without any alliance.

                                     Uttar-Pradesh election is the most important election for every party because it is the  largest state among all with largest population. It plays important role lok-sabha elections also with largest seat share.In fact, In 2014 lok-sabha election won 73 seats out of 80 from Uttar-Pradesh. So, this is the important state for BJP also for which it  campaign with full force to win this state as 2019 point of view. There is three sided competition between BJP, BSP and alliance of SP-CONG, so there will also be three sided polarization of vote share among these parties.

                                                                              According to News18 survey, BJP is expected to get 193 seats out of 403 and SP-CONG alliance may get 133 seats while BSP can win 67 seats. Rest of 10 seats will go to others.

                                 Many exit poll agencies Axis and Today’s Chanakya  also showing that  BJP may even get around 280 seats in UP.     


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