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Intersting Facts About Randy Ortan

            Interesting Facts About Randy Ortan :-

1. Randy Orton Had Won The WWE Title Twice In One Night

In 2007, Vince McMahon gave Orton the vacant championship spot. He was to defend the title at the same time as he was challenged by Triple H for his belt. What a performance Randy gave that he became second time winner on the same night. 

2.   He is addicted to drugs and steroids 

During 2007, he was habitual to drugs and steroids. This somewhat, damaged his WWE performance. He was to face allegations before WWE’s wellness program, which was designed to maintain the health of WWE superstars.

3.  Signature move is named after his..signature

   His signature move is however, different from other wrestlers. He developed the RKO during his time as “Legend Killer”. He uses cutter for finishing off the opponent in the ring.

4.  Randy Orton was attacked by Fan

          Orton was once attacked by a fan entered in the ring during a South Africa house show.

5.  Randy Orton worked for US marine corps

    He joined United States Marine Corps(USMC), before he recieved a bad conduct discharge as he went AWOL(Absent Without Leave) and got imprisonment for 38 days at millitary prison.

6.   Youngest To Win WWE World Champion

        Randy Orton won the world heavyweight championship title at the age of 24.  

 7.   Record with father

Randy Orton is one of the many third generation superstars in the wrestling industry who won the Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) Rookie of the Year award in 2001. His fathers have also won the same in 1973.

8.   Marraige life

   Randy Orton married on septmber 21,2007 to his girl Samantha Speno. Their first child is born on July 12,2008, named Alanna Marie Orton. In 2013 Spenny & Orton divorced and get separated. 

9. Best Friend Ever 

  Most of the people don’t know that John Cena and Randy Orton are best friends. These are colleagues friends. But in WWE the longest fight rivalry is between John Cena and Randy Orton.

10.  Debut Match

The most shocking fact is that Randy Orton didn’t start his wrestling career as a wrestler. Randy Orton started his career in WWE as a refree.
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