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Interview Tips For Jobs Aspirants Who Are Preparing For Job Interview

Preparation for interview,

What is interview..??

The purpose of interview is to known about thecapabilities of a person for a specific purpose. It is a method of assessing the suitability of job seekers for a given job . An interview refers to a meeting arranged with purpose in which convensation takes place between interviewers and the interviewee in the form of question and answer.

       The interviewer tries to evaluated the suitability of interviewee for a given job.

 Interview – An art or science

Suitability of a person was earlier assessed by screening the information available in the application form.  ie. The academic record, work experience etc but as competition increased ,the screening is being based on 2 or 3 or more stages .
        These may consists of conducting written test ,group discussion, personality test, A few round of interview.

Why an interview

Research reveals that effectiveness of interviewing as a method of evaluating the suitability of a candidate for a job,measure around 12-20% ie only 12 to 20 person out of 100 are likely to be suitable candidate selected for a job

Types of interview

1. One to one interview
2. Panel interview
3.screening interview
4. Structured interview
5. Stress interview
6. Walk in interview
7. Group discussion
8. Situational interview
9. Using resume to screen applicants for interview

What to do in interview

•speak distinctly 
•varry your speed and pitch so as not to put your audition to sleep
•watch the time
•pause after important point
• be natural and sincere
•remember and acknowledge names 

Physical preparation for interview

The first impression created by his /her general appearance, personality, fresh looks ,smile on face ,the way of entering and greeting the board etc.
       The general impression of a candidate is dependent on the good appearance for which it is essential that candidate takes good sleep on pervious night ,well dressed, jacket well tailor and dark in colour ,tie matching with clothes

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