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Latest opinion pole for up elections 2017

Latest up elections opinion pole

Up is the biggest states in India by population there elections result are very effective for India politics.

Major party are in up elections

Very large number of political party are in elections but three party are major 

#01 SP

Samajwadi party and there popular leader are up chief minister akhilesh yadav . 

#02 BJP

Bhartiya janta party are also major party in up elections 2017 and there government in the central in around 2.5 month and there main leader in up elections is prime minister of india narendra modi.

#03 BSP

Bahujan samaj party  there main leader is mayawati

Total number of voter in up

Male voter            7.7 crore
Females voter      6.3 crore 
Third gender voter   6983 
Total number of voter is 14.05 crore.
Total number of seat is 403 

Voter by categories

OBC.         40%
SC.              21.1%
FC.              22%
Muslim.      19.1%
Christian.     0.18%

Major digital media opinion pole for up elections 2017 

According to today axis India opinion pole 

SP             173
BJP            185
BSP.           41

According to CSDS (ABP) opinion pole

SP          192
BJP.        123
BSP.        81

According to times now opinion pole

SP.          147
BJP.         202
BSP.        47
According to these opinion pole we see that every party struggle for made the government. Majority are not given by public to any party

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