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Scam In Election Survey On The Name of BBC

         Scam In Election Survey On The Name of BBC

It is very often to notice that many people make fake information on the name of BBC by saying that BBC made an ‘election survey’ and made the prediction on the winning of particular party.

This type of incident happened on wednesday also. In this, it was explained that BBC made a survey on  UP-2017 election and predicted that BJP is the leading party in Uttar-Pradesh.


But, BBC wanted to make it clear that BBC do not conduct any election survey neither publish a biased survey by which a particular party can be benefited.


 BBC said, in the past all election survey conducted on the  name of BBC are fake and not trustworthy. 

But, despite this many people always try to get benefit by using it in wrong manner.


On the time of Mumbai BMC election somebody also released the fake election survey. Some people published this survey on whats app and Facebook  by  saying that BBC Hindi made the pre-poll  election survey on ‘brahan-Mumbai Mahanagarpaalika’ and the results are as follows.

These type of incident has already been spotted before when some people made fake election survey on the name of BBC during Legislative Assembly elections.


During the Legislative Assembly election in Haryana, one of the minister said to BBC news anchor Salman Ravi that, ” BBC conducted an election survey Campaign and we are winning according to this”.


On this, BBC anchor corrected the confusion of minister by saying that according to BBC policy it never conduct any election survey. 

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