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Top 10 universities in the world 2016-2017

Top 10 universities in world with course in detail,universities full detail

Top 10 universities in the world

10. University of Chicago – United States

University of Chicago

Founded in 1890 with the help of a generous donation from oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, the University of Chicago has grown into one of the preeminent research institutions in the U.S. All undergraduate students are required to complete the intensive core curriculum and can pursue any of the 99 majors and 54 minors. UChicago is dedicated to civic engagement through robust partnerships with Chicago’s communities, programs that strengthen local schools and urban research initiatives.

9. Imperial College London – United Kingdom.

Imperial college london

Imperial is the only university in the UK to focus exclusively on science, medicine, engineering and business.An Imperial education is something special. Learn from world class experts and be part of a global community. With so many discoveries happening all around you, expect to be challenged and inspired as we open your mind to the latest thinking in your subject area.

8. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Switzerland

ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. It is currently ranked as 5th best university in the world for the subject of engineering and technology

7. UCL (University College London) – United Kingdom.


Established in 1826 as London University by founders inspired by the radical ideas of Jeremy Bentham , UCL was the first university institution to be established in London, and the first in England to be entirely secular and to admit students regardless of their religion.

6. University of Oxford – United Kingdom

University of Oxford – United Kingdom

The history of Oxford in England dates back to its original settlement in the Saxon period. Originally of strategic significance due to its controlling location on the upper reaches of the
River Thames at its junction with the River Cherwell , the town grew in national importance during the early Norman period, and in the late 12th century became home to the fledgling.

5. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – United States

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – United States

The California Institute of Technology, known as Caltech, was founded in 1891 as Throop University and received its current name in 1920. The science and engineering-focused school is located in Pasadena, California, roughly 11 miles northeast of Los Angeles. There are roughly 2,200 students at Caltech, with around 55 percent of them studying at the graduate level. The student-faculty ratio is very low, at 3:1. More than one-fourth of Caltech’s total enrollment is international.​ The school’s academic calendar is based on the quarter system and English is the language of instruction.

4. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom

University of Cambridge – United Kingdom

Founded on the site of a 13th century monastery, Emmanuel College was one of the more important colleges in the 17th century and many of the Puritans who sailed to America were students there. Among these early students was John Harvard who gave his name to Harvard University.
You will have access to the college library and be able to eat breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday in the 13th century dining hall. You will enjoy the same private rooms as do Emmanuel students. The University’s recreational facilities are available and Emmanuel College has tennis and squash (racket ball) courts on site.

3. Harvard University – United States

Harvard University – United States

Harvard University established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States and is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. The University, which is based in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, has an enrollment of over 20,000 degree candidates, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Harvard has more than 360,000 alumni around the world.

2. Stanford University – United States

 Stanford University – United States

Stanford has had a prominent role in encouraging the high-tech industry to develop in the area.
Many faculty members, students and alumni have founded successful technology companies and start-ups, including Google, Snapchat and Hewlett-Packard.
In total, companies founded by Stanford alumni make $2.7 trillion each year.
The university is often referred to as “the Farm”, as the campus was built on the site of the Stanford family’s Palo Alto Stock Farm. The campus covers 8,180 acres, but more than half the land is not yet developed.
With distinctive sand-coloured, red-roofed buildings, Stanford’s campus is thought to be one of the most beautiful in the world. It contains a number of sculpture gardens and art museums in addition to faculty buildings and a public meditation centre.
As might be expected from one of the best universities in the world, Stanford is highly competitive. The admission rate currently stands at just over 5 per cent.
Of the 15,596 students – most of whom live on campus – 22 per cent are international.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – United States

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – United States

Founded in 1861 in response to the increasing
industrialization of the United States , MIT adopted a European polytechnic university model and stressed laboratory instruction in applied science and engineering. Researchers worked on computers , radar, and inertial guidance during World War II and the Cold War . Post-war defense research contributed to the rapid expansion of the faculty and campus under James Killian . The current 168-acre (68.0 ha) campus opened in 1916 and extends over 1 mile (1.6 km) along the northern bank of the Charles River basin. Top rank in the world

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