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Top 11 Great And Powerful Person In The World

This list is generate of base of worlds strongest leaders those who represent there country as power in different different fields . They really known as worlds strongest persons as well as strongest leaders in the World  .    

List Of Powerful Leaders Are Blow 

11. King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud 

                               Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarch has reigned since the death of his half-brother King Abdullah in January 2015, and has wasted little time in wielding his power. In April 2015 he announced that he would alter the Saudi line of succession, in which kingship is passed among the sons of Abdulaziz ibm Saud, the country’s founder.

10 . Dilma Rousseff 

                             Dilma Rousseff is a president of Brazil and she is a first female president . Rousseff is credited with nearly eradicating extreme poverty in Brazil during her first term by raising the monthly stipend for struggling families. 

9 .Shinzo Abe :

                            Shinzo Abe is a president of Japan .He is 61 years of old .Three years into his second term as prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe continues to craft bold plans for his country’s future. In a recent visit to the US, Abe met with tech titans like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to learn “how we can take Silicon Valley’s ways and make them work in Japan.” This plan comes on top of “Abenomics,” the three-pronged approach the prime minister implemented to boost Japan’s economy upon starting his second term in 2012.

8 . Francois Hollend

                                  Francois Hollend is a President of France an he is 61 years of old .Though he’s slowly making progress in his attempts to lift both French morale and favor among his constituents, Hollande has a long way to go. But he still commands the fifth-richest nation on the continent and one of the most influential members of the EU, giving him immense power regardless of approval ratings.

7 . David Cameron 

                                  David Cameron is a prime minister of UK . He is 49 Years of old . He is second time reelected by majority of  British .British Prime Minister David Cameron has strengthened his negotiating position with the EU. Cameron is committed to gaining concessions from the 28-nation bloc, including looser rules on welfare for immigrants an regulation of businesses, but many Britons are skeptical that the prime minister can secure a better deal.   

6 . Pope Francis 

                          The leader of the Catholic faith . He is 78 years old and he live in Vatican city .

5 . Narendra Modi 

                         Modi is a prime minister of India .He is 65 years of old .He belongs to Gujarat .He is a great leader of India . He become Prime Minister of India in 2014 . He live single with is mother .   

His name come into front of Indian as a face of PM  from BJP party . He is Also a PM candidate how Fight election and won on the bases / topic  of country improvement  and he is also RSS candidate.  

4 . Angela Merkel 

                           Angela Merkel is a chancellor of Germany .She is 61 years old .She is 61 years old , strong and independent leader of Europe 

3 . Donald Trump :

                                Donald Trump is a president of America . Which is powerful country in the world . He is elected as a president of America in 2016 in November .

 2. Xi Jinping 

                      Xi Jinping is a President of peoples republication of china . He is 62 years old and he is also rising most powerful person in the world . Xi Jinping, the general secretary of China’s Communist Party, has been labeled by many the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong. Considering the domestic grip he’s secured in just three years since becoming president of the world’s largest country — nearly 1.4 billion people — it’s hard to argue

1 . Vladimir Putin     

                                 Vladimir Putin is a president of Russia . He is also know as second  powerful person in the world  .He is 61 years old person .At the annual UN meeting in late September, Putin criticized Obama, asserting that US interventions have backfired in the Middle East, creating a haven for extremists and terrorists. Shortly after, Putin launched the Russian air campaign to target Islamic forces in Syria and weaken rebellion against the country’s president. 
This list is generated by funny viral media  on the bases of search / visit on various sites .

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