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World in three step,big news for aircraft technology

USA aircraft company made an aeroplane which travel new delhi to London in 35 minute.
future aircraft are coming soon .

Hypersonic aircraft are coming soon there speed 5-times of speed of sound.

A 35-minute flight from London to New York is a step closer to reality following the latest successful test of hypersonic technology.
A joint US-Australian military research team sent a scramjet attached to a rocket booster to an altitude of 172 miles (278km) at Mach 7.5 – or seven times the speed of sound.
Today’s test is one of 10 trials of the technology being run at the world’s largest land testing range, Woomera in South Australia, and at Norway’s Andoya Rocket Range.

The speed of hypersonic passenger aircraft is around 5 times of speed of sound,

Travelling time from delhi to new York is 48 minute and we travel London to delhi in 35 minute . 
This aircraft travel to very high speed and also give a comfort for passenger and time consuming are reduced its very responsible for the future.
European aircraft manufacturer Airbus Group last month filed a patent for a hypersonic jet that could travel at several times the speed of sound. In the application, approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the technology is described as an “ultra-rapid air vehicle and related method of aerial locomotion.”
The proposed jet is expected to reach speeds as high as Mach 4.5, which is about four-and-a-half times the speed of sound. If accomplished, such a speed would allow the aircraft to fly between London and New York in only one hour, three times faster than the Concorde, a retired supersonic passenger jet that was active between 1976 and 2003.

watch the future aeroplane video


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